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It was an awful stormy night. There was thunder and lightning all over and it was raining heavily. I had decided to stay at home because the weather was so bad, and I was watching TV in the living room. Suddenly, the lights went off and I found myself in the dark. It was the blackest darness I had ever been in , but I wasn't afraid of it.I remembered the candles were in my parents' bedroom so I went upstairs to get one. When I was walking up the stairs, I heard a distant faint noise. It was as if someone was whispering my name :' JaaacccK!!!! ' I shivered and stopped in the middle of the stairs ....


Now you and your partner have to finish the story - 80 words minimum - . Use the past tense of verbs .After writing the text, add a picture and a link of your favourite horror movie - optionally, you can include a video with the trailer of that film -. Have a creepy happy Halloween!!!

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